Master in International Business – Presentation

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, St. John International University will celebrate its graduation ceremony in the CME – Campus of Management and Economics in Corso Unione Sovietica 218 Bis at 11.00 a.m.
During the ceremony will be presented the new Master in International Business / American Bachelor in International Business.
The Master in International Business is a great opportunity that allows students to integrate their academic experience with professional skills of theoretical and practical relevance.
The Master will last three semesters (18 months), from September 2014 to January 2016; the first semester will locate in Turin, while the second and third semester will be taken abroad in countries like USA, Canada, Russia, China, Brasil and India.
During the period from July 2015 to January 2016 the students, envolved in internships with partner companies, will develop on their project work and prepare for their final exam.

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To discover the wealth of our mountains.
Skii and Snowshoes

This proposal for students aims at understanding the economic and socio – cultural values which our mountains possess, through outdoor team building activities. Moreover, they can have a look at some real job opportunities connected to this field.
The activities will take place in Sestriere (Alta Valle Susa). Here participants will be divided into different teams (according to the regulations), who will compete in games and that will teach them more about the culture of this area.
The activities include a challenge: there will be a path to complete which comprehends three “Campi” (“Camps”).

CAMPO BASE (Base Camp) – Culture and Tradition
ACTIVITY:Walking with snowshoes and foot orienteering based on the discovery of nature of Bardonecchia (teams will be challenged by asking questions on wildlife and geography).
- choose the member of the team who will take part in the activity
- choose the best path and whether to walk with or without showshoes to the finishing line, touching the intermediate steps marked on the map.
- tweet the keyword which you’ll find in every intermediate step, (the so – called “control points” or “lanterne” in Italian) to receive the question you have to answer to.
- give a correct answer to the questions about wildlife and geography
- cross the finishing line as fast as possible
TEAMS WILL BE JUDGED FOR: Time teams engage in and correctness of the answers.

CAMPO 1 (Camp 1): tourism jobs
ACTIVITY: discover and enhance typical places of tourism, the local arts and crafts, typical food, shopping centres, wellness and entertainment centres through pictures, videos and interviews with local craftsmen using multimedia tools.
-choose the member of the team who will take part in the activity
-discover and enhance the typical mountain trades and places in Sestriere, take pictures and make videos (following one assigned theme and one optional one)
-meet and interview local craftsmen
-choose two sets of 15 pictures each and create 2 promotional videoclips (3 minutes each) aimed at promoting Sestriere’s area
-post the final result on the activity’s Facebook page

TEAMS WILL BE JUDGED:according to the contents and the originality of the multimedia products they will create-

CAMPO 2 (Camp 2): Sport, wellbeing and nature
ACTIVITY: ski competition
- Choose the member of the team who will take part in the competitions
- Take part in the presentation of the activity presented by organizing companies
- Take part in the activities and get the best time
Ski competition : Time

PEAK ATTACK:discovering your resources
This activity will give the students the opportunity to deepen their entrepreneurial abilities in order to test their aptitude towards planning and promoting cultural and touristic activities.Am I interested and able to develop business activities related to tourism? Do I have relationship abilities and useful “soft skills” in order to create pleasant situations and make people comfortable? Do I have the abilities to create the opportunity to explore and know more about the area and its culture?
ACTIVITY: With the outdoor teambuilding experience students can test their relationship abilities. They can choose BETWEEN THE THREE CAMPS (BASE CAMP, CAMP 1 and CAMP 2) to understand how to make decisions,how to negotiate and how to work in a team in order to achieve a common goal. They will have to create a positive and constructive background, they will collaborate and/or compete, they will deal with clashes and disagreements, they will create new solutions and they will explore nature. A Turin coach established the right profile to achieve this activity through standard questionnaire.

PEAK ATTACK:discovering your resources
9.30am Gathering in Sestriere, defining teams and participation in the various camps (traveling from Turin by train or personal car)
10.30am : Camps start
11.00am: Activities start
12.30am: End of DIDACTIC CAMPS
1.00-2.00pm: Lunch
4.30pm: Workshop and prize – giving
6.00pm: End of activities and tasting of typical foods.

OPTION “ATHLETE”(who will chose this option could win a prize based on the ranking and participate in a draw)

One day: 30 euro per person- Daily Ski pass – Taking part in the activities – Voucher for Polenta dish on Friday
OPTION SKI- PASS and “WITH A FRIEND”: 25 euro per person – Daily ski – pass- Voucher for Polenta dish on Friday